Фотографии кои го кршат срцето: Тагата по еутаназијата на најверните пријатели

Фотографии кои го кршат срцето: Тагата по еутаназијата на најверните пријатели

Серијалот насловен како „Последни моменти“ ја прикажува тагата на сопствениците на кои единствено решение им било да ги успијат своите стари, најверни пријатели.


Направени се во текот на 2017 и 2018 година, а во тој временски период фотографот Рос Тејлор уловил десетина емотивни збогувања.

Фотографии кои врескаат болка, тага и непребол:

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This is a long post, so bear with me, but I want the pending images to have proper context. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on a photographic project and feature-length film that explores the last moments people share with their pets before and after an at-home pet euthanasia. · I recognize this topic carries a lot of emotional weight. I have an immense amount of respect for those who are going through this. It’s one of the most intense moments I’ve ever witnessed. The human animal-bond is one that shouldn’t be overlooked – when someone says they’re going through the loss of a pet, I now more fervently understand just how devastating that can be. Those who are going through this, I can attest that at-home pet euthanasia can be a much more peaceful passing. If you’re going through this now, feel free to reach out for support. · I reached out to a number of organizations while exploring this topic and one - Lap of Love, responded immediately. I can’t thank Paula Ford enough for responding to that email. Her kindness opened the connection with the founder, Dr.Dani McVety. I’m also profoundly thankful to Dani for her trust while documenting these sacred spaces. She is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. · I also want to thank all the veterinarians, and the rest of the staff at Lap of Love. This thanks also includes the folks at Caring Pathways in Denver. All of them are amazing people, and have my deep respect. · I appreciate Thomas Simonetti and the folks over at Washington Post Visuals for taking the care and time to publish the images as well. Thomas, thank you so much. Thank you once again to the Washington Post for publishing this. I'm exceedingly grateful: https://wapo.st/2F4xfiu Over the next week or so I’ll be posting images from the project. Image caption: Olesya Lykovi cries out in anguish, moments after the death of her dog, Sam. Moments before, she looked at Dr. Dani McVety, at right and asked, “Is he gone?” Dani nodded and said, “He has his wings now.” #love #pets #lastmoments

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