Инфлуенсерка исценирала незгода со мотор за популарност
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Фризеркa 28-05-2020

Инфлуенсерка исценирала незгода со мотор за популарност

На бизарноста ѝ нема крај, инфлуенсерките ги преминуваат сите граници и прават глупави работи во име на лајкови и следбеници.


Тифани Мишел e инфлуенсерка со 214.000 следбеници која стана мета на критики откако на социјалните мрежи прикачи фотографии наводно направени при сообраќајна незгода со мотор што ѝ се случила.


На фотографиите таа лежи на земја со нејзиниот шлем во близина, додека пријател ѝ помага. Но, до неа има поставено и производи кои изгледа како да ги рекламира.



Во медиумите осамнаа обвиненија дека сето ова е исценирано, а дури на две од фотографиите се гледа дека Мишел има кацига во различна боја, пред и по незгодата.


Инфлуенсерката ги негира обвиненијата и вели дека дури не ни знаела дека некој ја фотографира во тој миг.

Таа и со најновата објава на Инстаграм тврди дека ништо не било исценирано.

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I’ve been figuring out how to respond to everything that’s unfolded recently regarding the post I shared 3 weeks ago about my moto accident. I won’t get into that post here (see my Moto Accident story highlight for all the details), but I want to talk about the reactions I’ve been getting to the article @buzzfeednews posted sensationalizing what I went through that day, and making a mockery of the post I shared. As a result, I’ve been accused of staging the accident to get attention, using it as a product placement opportunity with a water company, and other things I can’t even wrap my head around. I’ve been sharing real life stories here since I started my account. I’ve opened up about miscarriage, divorce, anxiety, losing my partner in a moto accident 3 years ago, and navigating the grief that followed. I’ve chosen to use Instagram as a tool for healing and connecting with other humans who may be going through similar things so we can do it together. And it’s been beautiful. When I work with brands, they’re ones I personally enjoy, and I disclose every single sponsorship. Accusing someone of faking or exploiting an accident is extremely serious—because what if you’re wrong? It really happened to me, and I was scared. I really was injured and had to recover. I was in shock laying on the side of the road, having flashbacks to when I lost someone very important to me. Friends were by my side, strangers called an ambulance, waited while I was checked out and then gave me a ride home. When I found out my professional photographer friend who I’d been shooting with earlier took photos of everything, I was completely moved. I shared this on my feed with humans who have been on a journey with me for years because I knew they would understand what it meant to me and I understood what it would mean to them. I’m sad that something so true and personal has been treated this way, and disappointed in BuzzFeed for spinning it there. I would just ask that if you’re here because of this, consider that the post I made was something real that happened in my life that resonated deeply with me and those who have chosen to follow me. That’s what it was intended for. 💛🌾

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